Please send by email only.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider your work! Everything we receive, we read with care.   Email us a whole manuscript or just a few chapters.

We specialise in adult trade fiction and nonfiction, but love original page-turning books across all genres.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the skill set at the moment to represent Children’s, YA or Science Fiction / Fantasy. Hopefully one day!

Things that might come in handy:

-   You’re a writer, but you were a reader first: Put your manuscript or proposal aside for a bit. Read from beginning to end before submitting.

-   Covering letters are useful: But we usually just open the book first and get to reading. Don’t stress too much on how the covering letter reads. 

-   Rejection: It’s yuck. But if we can’t represent this, it’s only because we’re not its best guide.