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"The idea behind spiritual comics is to inspire people, and give them a fun way to think through life's challenges and joys. 

There is a lot about spirituality that might seem remote, but everyone needs a way to think through their days. This is what my books, illustrations, and comics are for.

I want to enchant people, and bring them inspirational concepts in a fun, colourful and visual way. Something anybody can just pick up and flip open to any page and feel enlighted."

Mike Medaglia is a London-based cartoonist, illustrator and comics editor.   Every month he draws a comic for The Huffington Post about Zen and modern life. He edits and publishes Wu Wei: A Spiritual Comics Anthology. He is the co-editor of dotComics, a comics anthology linking web-comics and print, and is on the production team and contributes to The Comix Reader, the most widely distributed comics newspaper in the UK. He is a Zen Buddhist practitioner and finds great joy drawing images that help to illuminate spiritual teachings.

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Mike Medaglia is Editor and Publisher of Wu Wei, an anthology that gives writers & artists a space to creatively explore spirituality through the medium of comics. 'Wu Wei' is a Taoist term meaning non-action.