Brian Turner

"In the video, the girls lie supine on the same narrow bed. They appear to have been filmed unawares, through an aperture in the ceiling: we are looking through a blurred circular frame, a light fixture perhaps. We who watch them do not know exactly, and in those opening moments of anticipation and dread, we don’t really care."  


Lakambini Sitoy is the author of two collections of short stories, Mens Rea and Jungle Planet, both published in the Philippines. She received the David T.K. Wong fellowship from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom in 2003 and has an M.A. from Roskilde University, Denmark, in the fields of English Studies and Cultural Encounters, both under the Department of Culture and Identity. She has also received numerous prizes in the annual Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in the Philippines, was a recipient of Philippine Graphic and Philippines Free Press Awards, and was a columnist and editor at the Manila Times. She lives in Denmark. Sweet Haven is her first novel.