Rocking Chair Books Literary Agency is a literary agency focusing on adult commercial fiction, literary fiction, graphic novels, and general non-fiction for publication around the world. We represent select writers with total dedication and love.

We help shape a writer’s work so that it is ready to be considered by the top publishing houses around the world. We work with the best film and TV agents, strive for the biggest deals, the best contractual terms, and ensure that the promotion is to the highest standard.  

We provide these services with devotion and creativity.

Every great book is born out of headspace, emotion - places where spreadsheets and timetables don’t always make sense.  It is an elusive, exciting, and mind-altering product.

The journey from a word to a book feels like holding two sticks up and saying - let's make fire.

 So, if you're ready for it, please send us your work - we understand that it comes attached to your life.  We will handle it with care and passion.

Live, dream, dance, celebrate, make great choices, make stupid choices, screw up, fail, get back up, laugh.  But always write.  And come find us.